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Antique oil on wood panel floating in gold frame

Antique Oil on Wood Panel floating in Gold Leaf Frame

Connor Summers Gallery  ・  Newburyport, MA

(978) 462-9196  ・  www.connorsummers.com


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Recently, in our gallery

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Two paintings by Jim Mickelson were recently brought into our gallery. Both date to the early 1980s and were painted by Jim while he was living in Newburyport, MA. The sailboat painting is very clean, but does show some minor craquelure. The beach scene could probably benefit from a very light cleaning. Both are excellent examples of his work and may be seen in our gallery.


oil on canvas, 18×24, unframed

Figures on Beach-CH

oil on canvas, 10×14, unframed

Rediscovering Jon Kodwyck

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We have recently begun to see Jon Kodwyck’s drawings and paintings find new collectors. Jon was part of a talented group of artists who lived and maintained studios in Newburyport during the period of its renaissance. The late 60s and 70s saw the city begin to emerge from the decay it had fallen into, and the artists like Kodwyck, Mickelson, Richard Gibney and Waldo Pierce provided some of the energy, and a good deal of the optimism that fueled this city’s rebirth.

Our ongoing interest in Jon Kodwyck’s work was coincidentally given a boost when two sources came forth and asked if we would like to show some of their collections of his art, and offer it for sale in our gallery on Market Street.

We currently have several pieces available.
These are just two of my favorites.

"Woman with a Purple Robe" acrylic on board, 1987

“Woman with a Purple Robe”
acrylic on board, 1987

"Untitled" acrylic on board, 1990

acrylic on board, 1990























These, and other works by Jon may be seen at Connor Summers Gallery.   http://www.connorsummers.com   (978) 462-9196

OK, I’ll admit it: summer’s over !

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No more wading in the surf off some beach on Boston’s North Shore; not any reason to worry about the undertow or anything  floating where the water is just past your knees,…but maybe as a fond memory of those days, you’d like to let these beautiful jellyfish, carved on slate by local artist Michael Updike float on your wall over the winter.


In true New England craftsman tradition, Michael has carved his art by hand on old slate roofing shingles. This piece measures approx. 10×13 inches and floats about one inch off your wall (much safer than waist deep in the chilly Atlantic). They are compelling, with a natural texture that blends to any environment you bring them into; and their very presence will warm a room, or your very soul over a long Northeastern winter.

This, and other works available, at Connor Summers Gallery in Newburyport, MA.

Mickelson featured at season’s final ArtWalk

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We’ve had the opportunity to bring some of Jim Mickelson’s paintings in on a consignment basis before, but this might be the most exciting work we’ve been given access to. Several people have expressed an interest in them already. They have been in a private collection for almost 30 years. We’re happy to be able to share them with the public for this coming weekend’s ArtWalk.










These pieces are all good sized; but we will also have a selection of several of Jim’s smaller paintings on display.










In addition, we will be showing work by Marie Laurencin, Jon Kodwyck, Michael Updike and our own Cathy Connor.









Mark your calendars. This event should not be missed.

Three Tugboats off Bow Street, Portsmouth NH

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(but these are the three tugboats owned and operated by

Moran Towing, Inc. of Portsmouth, NH)

oil on canvas, 24×36, framed

undated; signed: “Mickelson”, lower right

There are two additional paintings from this series.

details: info@smartartmarket.com


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