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Bittersweet (redux)

Posted in SmartArtMarket News on February 24, 2010 by Richard Summers

The last of the collection of Jim Mickelson paintings consigned to the Connor Summers Gallery in December has been sold. It was difficult to watch them sell, for as much as we love his work, we wished we could have kept them all. Thanks to all who participated and shared stories about Jim and images of his other work. For a retrospective, visit:,%20Jim_bio.html

Jon Kodwyck, a retrospective @CSG

Posted in Ongoing events of interest on February 11, 2010 by Richard Summers

Jon Kodwyck , a well known local artist, 1917 ~ 2006, was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts. He was one of six children of Russian immigrants who had to flee their beloved native country as imperial Russia collapsed. A resident of Newburyport in his later years, Jon painted and drew most of his adult life. His unique and sometimes haunting expressionism is easily recognized and highly sought after. His works grace the homes of collectors, politicians, and art lovers throughout the country. He and his wife, Helen, were the first to start an open art gallery on the North Shore, in Newburyport, in the early 1960’s. His work is currently being shown at the Connor Summers Gallery

…the upside of snowballs

Posted in Ongoing events of interest on February 3, 2010 by Richard Summers

Many thanks to all who have contacted us, and contributed to our re-examination of Jim Mickelson’s paintings. The project has taken on new dimensions almost daily since it began. Our efforts have shifted gradually from trying to help a client of the Connor Summers Gallery evaluate and sell a collection of his work to embarking on a project more accurately described as the ressurection and renewal of interest, in order to have Jim recognized for his achievments as a contemporary American artist.
We extend the invitation to contribute to anyone who knew or cared for Jim. Our efforts are solely concerned with raising the awareness of Jim’s work, and hopefully setting a new standard for its value. Anyone who wishes to participate may do so anonymously, or will be credited if they so desire. We want to know more about his life, and see more of his paintings.
As I mentioned above, there’s an upside to snowballs, even when they catch you unaware in the side of your head.
Please help us if you can. Here’s one from our collection to share with you.