…the upside of snowballs

Many thanks to all who have contacted us, and contributed to our re-examination of Jim Mickelson’s paintings. The project has taken on new dimensions almost daily since it began. Our efforts have shifted gradually from trying to help a client of the Connor Summers Gallery evaluate and sell a collection of his work to embarking on a project more accurately described as the ressurection and renewal of interest, in order to have Jim recognized for his achievments as a contemporary American artist.
We extend the invitation to contribute to anyone who knew or cared for Jim. Our efforts are solely concerned with raising the awareness of Jim’s work, and hopefully setting a new standard for its value. Anyone who wishes to participate may do so anonymously, or will be credited if they so desire. We want to know more about his life, and see more of his paintings.
As I mentioned above, there’s an upside to snowballs, even when they catch you unaware in the side of your head.
Please help us if you can. Here’s one from our collection to share with you.

2 Responses to “…the upside of snowballs”

  1. Betsy Tomke Says:

    What a wonderful post, again you amaze me with all you have going on and the genuine interest in it all. Thanks again for all you and your wife do. Your websites are a delight to visit and so well maintained.

    I believe I have some snapshots of Jim packed away with old family photos from decades ago, would you be interested if I came across any?


  2. I’d be delighted to see some photos of Jim in his younger days. I am looking forward to developing a more extensive biographical page to preceed the
    collection of paintings on the website. I’m hoping that as it unfolds I will come up with something worthy of submission to the various catalogs and
    organizations that are responsible for getting an artist “listed”.
    I know this will take some time, so please don’t feel like you need to ransack your family archives right away. I can assist you in getting scans
    of old photos if you don’t have those means available.
    Thanks Betsy; your kind thoughts and enthusiasm for these efforts are very
    encouraging, and it will be fun to collaborate on it with you and the others.

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