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Shades of Buffalo Springfield (paranoia strikes deep)

Posted in SmartArtMarket News on April 28, 2010 by Richard Summers

There has been some concern expressed that our efforts to catalog what we could find of Jim Mickelson’s paintings, construct a biography, and get him listed on AskArt would open the possibility that someone could download images we had put on our website and reproduce them as posters, or giclee prints. We at SmartArtMarket do not condone or participate in any such activity. Our efforts are primarily intended to raise awareness about Jim’s work, and hopefully increase its value for those lucky enough to have collected it. We have taken some pains, short of watermarking the images we’ve put online, to be reassured that should anyone undertake such actions, they would be disappointed with the result.
Beyond that, we wrestled with the notion that if such a piracy were to occur, who would be the ones to suffer from it? Collectors of original artwork are, we believe,
in a different marketplace from collectors of reproductions, and thus are not in competition with one another, making their respective values mutually exclusive. We further believe that making an artist’s catalog available for viewing to a wider audience ultimately increases demand for it, and its relative value. We equate our service in this case to that of a library, or a museum.
Were it not for the efforts of those unconcerned with the exclusivity of ownership, how many of us would have ever seen a Picasso or a Van Gogh, a Rembrandt or a Laura Coombs Hills painting? We applaud those who share their collections as much as we applaud those who created the contents of those collections.
Having said that, we reluctantly announce that some of the work sold by the Connor Summers Gallery has been removed from our website at the request of the person who purchased it. At the same time we are pleased to announce that AskArt has accepted our initial biography of Jim and seems willing to work with us in compiling a representative catalog of his work to be included on their website. We are grateful for anyone who wishes to continue to participate in this project.
Jim may not have been the equal of a Fitz Hugh Lane, but only a hundred years will determine if that is really true. In the meantime, he was a talent, and a damn nice guy, and his work deserves to be seen, and appreciated.

Gifford Beal original @SmartArtMarket

Posted in New listed artist sale on April 22, 2010 by Richard Summers

This small painting, “A View of Rockport Harbor” came to us from the late artist’s estate. Although unsigned, it is accompanied by documentation of provenance from the auctioneer and Beal’s granddaughter. It is 5.5×9.5 (image), 9.5×13.5 (framed), oil on board. inquiries via email

Mickelson original oil on canvas

Posted in New Artwork Available on April 20, 2010 by Richard Summers

Another painting by Newburyport artist Jim Mickelson has come to us on a consignment basis. The depiction of two ghostly figures walking in an Autumn woods was most likely inspired by the colorful transformation that occurs at nearby Maudsley State Park every September/October. The image is 16×20 and full of Jim’s dynamic texture and expressive brush strokes. Interested collectors should contact us via email to request a quote.

New figure study by Cathy Connor

Posted in New Artwork Available on April 17, 2010 by Richard Summers

Newburyport artist/gallery owner, Cathy Connor, is painting figures as she moves into Spring and better weather. Her female figures are captivatingly aloof, and yet, highly sought after by collectors in the area. Occasionally placed in juxtaposition to a surreal landscape filled with birds or horses or domestic housepets, they challenge the viewer’s sensitivity to an imagined sensuality and an undeniable beauty that is present, and real.


Posted in Works by Jim Mickelson on April 16, 2010 by Richard Summers

Would you like to go sailing with Jim? An opportunity arose in the last couple of days to do just that. Keep in mind that once you step on board with him, you may be on board for a very long time. His work is infectious, and it won’t let go of you, once it has a hold.
This piece is small (5×7 inches), but it possesses the power of an ocean, and man’s effort to master
it through sail and shaped hull. If it interests you, contact us:

Trying to solve a mystery

Posted in Uncategorized on April 15, 2010 by Richard Summers

As we have continued in the effort of cataloging Jim Mickelson’s work, several intriguing questions have come up. One of Jim’s nieces has a painting that is actually two paintings. On one side there is a portrait of an Indian woman from the Southwest, most likely done in the early 50’s when Jim lived there. (It can be seen on the SmartArtMarket website) On the reverse is a portrait of a blond blue eyed little boy in a blue shirt. The painting appears to be much more recent that what’s on the other side. We know that Jim had a studio in Rockport, Massachusetts, during the mid-50’s until the early 60’s, and we know that he did do portraits while there. Problem is, we have no idea who this person is. He left no indication of it, and our curiousity is getting the better of us. If anyone has a clue as to who this kid is (!), please let us know.

Fit as a fine French fiddle

Posted in SmartArtMarket News on April 7, 2010 by Richard Summers

Some time ago SmartArtMarket acquired an antique violin made by Jean Baptist Vuillaume of Paris in 1846. We undertook the restoration of the instrument with the help of EJ Ouellette of Whole Music and a luthier he referred us to. After the completion of the work, we are pleased to say that the full rich tone of the instrument stunned us, and the structural elements have been completely repaired using a best practices methodology one would expect from a master luthier.
You may view additional information and pictures by visiting