Would you like to go sailing with Jim? An opportunity arose in the last couple of days to do just that. Keep in mind that once you step on board with him, you may be on board for a very long time. His work is infectious, and it won’t let go of you, once it has a hold.
This piece is small (5×7 inches), but it possesses the power of an ocean, and man’s effort to master
it through sail and shaped hull. If it interests you, contact us:

2 Responses to “Sailing?”

  1. Kelly Tomke Says:

    It DOES seem that we are sailing with Jim and as if he was right there on the ocean when he painted this. I love how the sea is at an angle allowing us to feel the intense movement of the waves to anyone sailing or boating on them that day. And, how the ocean is a much different color than in his other paintings I’ve seen. Great find, Dick! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. Betsy Tomke Says:

    That is an awesome painting., As Kelly said, thanks so much for sharing, is just an absolute treat to view them.

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