Jim Mickellson just keeps on selling

Congratulations to IM of Plum Island, MA,
who recently purchased Jim Mickelson’s version of
the Rockport Motif #1. A truly important painting in
Jim’s development as a painter. We date this painting
to either the late 1950’s or early 60’s.
This painting depicts the motif before it became known
as Motif#1. There are elements of the painting that no long
exist, We sincerely hope that IM and her husband will enjoy
many years of living with this painting. It is truly representational
of Jim’s better work, and displays, in some ways, his developmental
period. Thanks, and best wishes to IM.

4 Responses to “Jim Mickellson just keeps on selling”

  1. Kelly Tomke Says:

    This is so wonderful!

  2. Thanks Kelly. We hated to see this one go, but feel good because the woman who bought it loves it so. We got a really fantastic email from her the day after she brought it home. That part of this business is what’s so rewarding.

  3. Kaethe Flynn Says:

    Could you please contact me before you sell any more of my father’s paintings thank-you Kaethe Flynn
    I want them to catalog and keep track of them. I did not realize you are actually selling my dad’s paintings. The family needs to be informed before any more are sold without us knowing thank-you

    • Karthe-
      I’ve have been collecting and occasionally selling paintings for many years. Some years ago I developed an interest in Jim Mickelson’s work. I have been in contact with some of Jim’s family and many of his friends, all of whom encouraged and appreciated my efforts to make his work available and more accessible to a larger audience.
      I too am seriously interested in cataloging his work and recording his life story. May I refer you to the beginnings of those efforts posted online, here:
      I would love to meet with you and any other members of your family to discuss how we might further these ideas.
      I am, however, in the business of fine art. I work for myself and for the clients who contract with me for services. I would be more than happy to keep you informed of my activities as they relate to Jim’s work. The best way to do so would be to keep an eye on activity posted here, or begin correspondence via email.
      warm regards, rls

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