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Tiny birds to battle the winter chill

Posted in New Artwork Available on November 28, 2010 by Richard Summers

Cathy’s series of small bird paintings will surely recall a summer afternoon and help chase the cold, grey skies of New England in winter away. Designed for small places, these little paintings will bring great happiness and warmth on even the coldest day. Showing at the Connor Summers Gallery in Newburyport.

A holiday tip from SmartArtMarket

Posted in New Artwork Available, SmartArtMarket News on November 24, 2010 by Richard Summers

Cathy Connor’s well known painting of the Maritime Museum in Newburyport, reproduced as a lithograph, matted, beautifully framed, very affordable and available exclusively at the Connor Summers Gallery on Market Street. To see it and the other artwork in the gallery, stop by, or call 978-462-9196 for more information.

SmartArtMarket and CSG present ChartierArt

Posted in New Artwork Available on November 18, 2010 by Richard Summers

If you knew Cynthia as we do, you’d smile in recognition when you first saw this piece. Primarily oil on canvas with bits of other media mixed in, this painting is 20×24, and full of the same expressiveness that Cynthia possesses. Her series of faces are all loosely based on personalities from literature, religion and life as it happens to her. We have five such works, some still waiting to be framed, but all worthy of any serious art collection with an allegorical interest. Stop in, or call, the Connor Summers Gallery for more information (978-462-9196).

Alice Buckner in Newburyport

Posted in New Artwork Available on November 14, 2010 by Richard Summers

SmartArtMarket presents Alice Buckner’s abstract expressionist paintings, being shown this season in the Connor Summers Gallery. Her work is colorful and energetic, and inspired by jazz and interesting people. This piece, “Conversation w/Robert Goodall” is a 10×14 combined watercolor/pastel pencil work on paper which came to life aboard an Amtrak train from NYC to Vermont.

Cynthia Chartier returns home.

Posted in New Artwork Available on November 12, 2010 by Richard Summers

The Connor Summers Gallery, and SmartArtMarket, is proud to be hosting some work by North Shore native, and current Dallas resident, Cynthia Chartier. Her mixed media presentations are, at times, both abstract and surreal. This piece, entitled “Hearts, Single” is 5×7 inches and framed in a bold flat black floater frame. Overall size is 7.5 x9.5 inches. It is part of a series of 18 such pieces Cynthia created in the last year. We have three of them. Stop in to see these and some other larger canvases of hers. We will be showing this work through the holidays, and have extended our hours for the remainder of the year to include being open on Sunday from Noon until 4:30 PM