SmartArtMarket congratulates the Byfield buyers

The Connor Summers Gallery, who assisted as framer and representative for sales of this exquisite painting by the late Jim Mickelson deserves thanks for assisting in the collection
and preservation of Jim Mickelson’s legacy as a contemporary American master. Please feel free to contact them directly to view other works by Jim in their inventory.

4 Responses to “SmartArtMarket congratulates the Byfield buyers”

  1. As Jim’s niece in San Diego, I have adorned my pet grooming salon, the Salty Dawg Salon & Boutique, with many of Jim’s paintings that I’ve framed. All are of his “yachting action” since San Diego is such a sailing town. I especially liked this one as years ago our Convention Center was designed to look like sails. I’ve never seen the original but it truly looks exquisite and am so pleased it’s been sold to an admirer.

    Kelly Tomke

  2. Betsy Tomke Says:

    I am Joan Tomke, Jim’s sister, and I live in California with my daughter, Betsy….I have recently been introduced to the computer and have enjoyed viewing the information and pictures regarding my brother’s life and work. I loved his piano playing amongst so many other things that he was capable of. Thank you to the ConnorSummers Gallery for all that they do for so many.

    Congrats on the sale, that’s a great painting.

  3. Joan-
    We are honored by your presence here. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Either Betsy or Kelly shared a copy of Jim’s
    piano playing with me about a year or two ago, so I can understand your fondness for that side of Jim as well. My wife Cathy and I knew Jim only a little, but she, being an artist in Newburyport during the same years that Jim lived here would see him in the galleries and studios around town. I mostly knew him only by reputation, but would bump into him now and then on a street corner, or in a barroom. He was a wonderful man; talented, honest and fun.

    I have more images that I have been intending to post on the website associated with this blog, but have been somewhat behind
    schedule these past few months. I’ve been contacted by people in Colorado, Minnesota, New Mexico, Kentucky, Texas and New York City, all of whom own paintings that Jim has done. And there are all
    the stories about how they came into possession of them, and how
    much they love them, and feel so lucky to have them. As I catch up with posting all of this material, I’m sure Betsy will help you find it
    in cyberspace. Enjoy.

    It has really been a wonderful experience for me which all began about fifteen years ago when I happened to find one of Jim’s
    paintings in an antique shop. Your thanks are appreciated, but
    unnecessary. The pleasure has been mine.

    warm regards,
    Dick Summers

  4. Betsy Tomke Says:

    Oh, what a wonderful response, Dick…so appreciated and have relayed your reply to Mom and she will view it herself tomorrow. To have this activity and people with paintings and stories to tell from all over is just so lovely. Wouldn’t have happened without you,
    Dick and Cathy, Will follow up regularly and check cyberspace as well as we go along.

    warm regards to you too

    Betsy Tomke/Joan Tomke

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