Last chance on this piece of art history

They say that art is in the eye of the beholder. The owner of this painting of the Plum Island Lighthouse bought it from Jim Mickelson in the 1980s, over a few drinks, while in the Thirsty Whale, although he’s not not sure, it may have been know as Harry’s American Bar at the time… the years and the effect of the night’s refreshments have contributed to the uncertainty. There’s no uncertainty about the painting though. Quintessentially Mickelson, the brushwork, the palette, the subject matter… even the price paid are clear and fondly remembered. Hoping for the appreciation of the years and the resurgence of interest in Jim’s work, our client originally set a price that has simply not inspired much interest. Before returning the work to his collection, or passing it on to his daughter, he’s asked us to publicize its availability one more time, and note that all offers will be considered. Contact us for serious offers by email or by phone at the Connor Summers Gallery.

One Response to “Last chance on this piece of art history”

  1. Correction: Two people who knew Jim quite well, and who also know the area have pointed out to me that this painting is probably not of the Plum Island Lighthouse. It has some similarities to that building at the northern tip of Plum Island, but is more likely the Annisquam Light on Cape Ann. Jim did live in Rockport for several years before settling in Newburyport. I personally am unfamiliar with the Annisquam Light, and perhaps erroneously assumed that it was Plum Island because it was given to our client by Jim while here in Newburyport. The painting is still available in our gallery if you’d like to stop by and see it.

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