This could be the one that started it all

This could be the one that started it all

Duncan P. Chase
“I’m a cool, cool cat.”

Painting by Jim Mickelson
11×15, oil on canvas, unframed. @1973

serious inquiries only

6 Responses to “This could be the one that started it all”

  1. I love seeing another rendition of what Mr. Chase looked like and comparing it to the one of him in Uncle Jim’s other Duncan Chase painting that still hangs in The Grog, I believe. I also love telling people what I know of Mr. Chase, his antics and the relationship Jim and he had. Wondering where this painting has been hanging all this time.

  2. Hi Kelly. This one has been in a private collection in the area here. The story I got was that this was done before the famous painting that hangs in the Grog. It’s not quite as large, but equally as expressive. The eyes betray the smile only slightly hidden beneath the full grown beard. Truly a wonderful painting!

  3. Dad did a few of Duncan He was a real great character in town apparently . Not to many of these interesting people are still in existence today!

    • Interesting characters remain, but are harder to find beneath the noise and clutter of our digital existence. Time gets compressed and seems to move ever faster. “Interesting” often gets marginalized by the onslaught of headlines, both celebratory and tragic. The best we can hope for is that there are those who will honor the truly creative and remember them, and encourage those who are emerging as we move forward.
      warm regards to all…

  4. I am sorry, do you actually know our dad personally?

    • …personally? No. I knew who he was and what he was doing artistically because I’ve been in Nbpt. for 35 years and have known several people who were personal friends of his. My wife,
      a local artist, had met him and both of us had exchanged greetings with him from time to time on the street or around town. My interest and knowlege of your dad is driven only by my
      appreciation of his artwork, although everyone I know who knew him says that additionally, he was a really nice guy.

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