Saratoga Horserace

This painting by Jim Mickelson depicts horses racing at Saratoga, NY. It is one of his familiar and sought after subjects. It is an oil on canvas painting, 22×28 and unframed. It is clean and in good shape. Signed lower right, and undated.
Available at Connor Summers Gallery

5 Responses to “Saratoga Horserace”

  1. Looks great…

  2. Kaethe Flynn Says:

    Mr Summers our father left our family destitute that you are now selling his paintings and making a profit I assume and have not even had the decency to include his children in this is abhorable in my opinion. I cannot believe you can be so callous I would stop you if I could

    • Kaethe-
      Your anger and/or bitterness toward me seems somewhat misplaced. Your assumptions about how much I may be “profiting” from my efforts are most likely, exaggerated.

      I have made every effort to include you and anyone else who is interested to share in the rewards of exploring your father’s career as an artist. I explicitly offered in private email to help you acquire some of the paintings and how best to approach the sellers.

      But if you are simply hoping that I will give them to you, I’m sorry; I can’t do
      that. They are not mine to give. I’ve entered into several business relationships
      with the people who own these paintings. I must honor those relationships, and try to satisfy the expectations that are implied by them.

      Beyond that, my time and efforts are worth something, if only to me, and I reserve
      the right to be compensated in some way for that. I’m certain that you have no idea how much or how little those rewards might amount to, nor do I expect that you should even concern yourself with it.

      My efforts are primarily to increase the overall awareness of your father’s artistic talent, and by so doing increase the market value and aesthetic enjoyment for anyone who is curious about it and decides to participate in it.

  3. Actually the horse racing is not one of his prolific topics

  4. Betsy Tomke Says:

    Another beauty, I so like the horse paintings (and I am not a horse person)…maybe because Kelly or someone had some of those equine paintings made into coasters and they were so unique, everyone loved them, was that the early 70’s when he was doing the racehorses? I am thinking so but may be way off base…

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