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Jim Mickelson reaches toward new market highs

Posted in SmartArtMarket News, Works by Jim Mickelson on August 24, 2013 by Richard Summers

In the past week, through our partner gallery, the Connor Summers Gallery in Newburyport, MA, we’ve witnessed the long awaited resurgence of the the market for paintings by the late Jim Mickelson. Three from our recent collection have moved on to new homes. In all honesty, for those who are either nosey, or just plain curious, we did not make a lot of commissions on the sales, but we are happy to have facilitated the sales of what we consider to be important contemporary American art to those whom we know to be serious collectors of Jim’s work.

Here are reminders of what we had in our collection only 10 days ago, and which have all moved on to new homes. We hope you will stay tuned for what may be next. It’s not all about Jim Mickelson and his work, but he has been selling well recently,