An image of Sailboats tied up at Night



oil on canvas   24×30 without the frame

typical Mickelson strong brushwork

signed lower right



2 Responses to “An image of Sailboats tied up at Night”

  1. Lizbeth Tomke Says:

    Thank you…just spent a couple of days w/Nancy Gogg,,,she visited your gallery at some point…Jim’s sister Marlene’s daughter. That painting is yet another beauty… regards, Betsy Tomke


  2. Hi Betsy. I remember meeting Nancy. She was delightful. Her brother contacted me also. He wanted some help accumulating material about Jim to compile some kind of family history that he was mulling over. I offered my help, but he has not followed up on it yet.
    The recent flurry of activity has been fun. It is so exciting to see your uncle’s work beginning to be recognized by a much wider audience.
    Hope you are all well. Please give my warm regards.

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