Another Mickelson comes to light

We got a call for a collector in Rhode Island who had a painting similar to some he had seen on our website. It was a painting of a vase of flowers. He was fairly certain it was by Jim Mickelson. Last Friday he dropped it off for us to evaluate. It is unmistakably Jim’s work. It would appear to be from his Rockport days, although there is no date or other clue on the canvas or stretcher frame. It is in excellent condition.

Oil on canvas
20 x 24, unframed
signed lower right

                                       Available in our gallery                                     (for serious inquiries only)

2 Responses to “Another Mickelson comes to light”

  1. lizbeth (Betsy) tomke Says:

    another beauty came out of the woodwork, so cool

  2. Nice to hear from you again Betsy. The most rewarding part of this pursuit is hearing from all the folks who are interested and thankful that we are introducing Jim’s work to a new audience. Hope you are all well and having good weather. Hi to all your family. rls

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