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Baskin's Toad 2

Thanx for your patience

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Delays have prevented us from having more of a presence than we do, but things are falling into place. Very shortly we will be up and able (we hope) to supply an endless and enlightening supply of resources where you can pursue your interest in the arts. We plan to offer a variety of areas in which you can explore whatever creative interest you have. Whether its music, visual or literary art: whether you’re buying or selling; whether you want to learn or share your expertise: we will have a place for you.
So please, give us a couple of days to fine tune the website; it’s up now, but more as a placeholder. Go ahead and look it over, set your browser to bookmark it and give us some
feedback or any ideas you would like to see us pursue. The email link is functional, and we are looking forward to hearing what you think.