A New Artist in the Gallery

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Newly found Mickelson work available

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10 x 13 oil on canvas, unframed

for details contact: info@connorsummers.com / (978) 462-9196

Newburyport ArtWalk / Season Finale

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NBPT Guide ArtWalk_Savethedate

New Work by Cathy Connor

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New work by Michael Updike

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Recently, Michael brought some new work into our gallery. The appeal of his work is partially due to its organic feel, derivative of his hand carved slate images on antique roofing tile; but sometimes  it has more to do with his sense of humor, and his ability for embellishment through gilding and other techniques he employs. Visit our gallery at http://www.connorsummers.com or our blog at http://www.connorsummers.wordpress.com to see/learn more,


Photo-surrealism…the Jazz of artistic imagery

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The Hermit, Greg Alper, http://www.AlperMusic.com

The Hermit  ~by Greg Alper

Prints available directly from the artist, a multi-talented musician,  music teacher and photographer. Contact info upon request.

Mergers and acquisitions

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Recently, we realized that our flagship website: smartartmarket.com, was long overdue for an update. So we decided to repoint all the traffic for that site to this blogsite while we reconstruct a new page, and learned some new software tricks…(ugh!).

One thing became immediately obvious. Some of the artwork on the main website has never really gotten the exposure that we feel it deserves. The traffic to the blogsite has always been greater than the traffic to the webpage. That may be partly the result of a narrower focus of things discussed on the blog. So please bear with us while we work out the details, and we hope you will appreciate our sharing some of our favorite things from the original website with you here.

For starters, take a look at this intriguing watercolor by Alice Buckner.


Alice moved to western Massachusetts a couple of years ago, but we are still occasionally in touch with her. If you would like to see more of her work, let us know, and we will put you in touch with her.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for more exciting news and shared artwork. Let us know what you’re thinking, or what you’d like to see. Our goal is not just to rewrite the main webpage, but also to make the blog more interactive. Your participation is welcome.


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